The Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) is in the process of implementing a Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program.  This program is required by the LA Department of Health.  In the very near future, customers requiring a backflow preventer will be notified of the need for a backflow preventer installation.  It is anticipated that a significant amount of work will be available throughout the Parish to those plumbers having a WSPS endorsement on their plumbing license.  The nature of the plumber’s work effort will be the installation and occasional maintenance of the backflow preventers.

Only those plumbers and testers that have been approved shall appear on the SWBNO’s “Approved Testers List” to perform work within Orleans Parish.  In order to be approved, each plumber or tester shall complete and submit an application, along with a copy of their plumbing license, a copy of their Tester Certification or Recertification Certificate, and a copy of their Test Kit Calibration Certificate, to the SWBNO’s consultant Backflow Prevention Services, LLC (BPS).

As a result of implementing the Cross Connection Control Program, the Parish is inviting you to attend an informational meeting at the office of BPS located at 4350 Poche Ct West, New Orleans, LA 70129.  The purpose of the meeting is to inform you of the SWBNO’s program requirements and guidelines to install and test the backflow preventers.  We encourage you to attend to become familiar with the program guidelines and to avoid any potential conflicts with improper installations and improper test report submittal.  In order to maintain social distancing during the Covid pandemic, meeting attendance will be limited and registration is required.  Since seating will be limited, we ask that registered individuals honor their commitment to attend.  Please choose a date and time below to register.  Applications may be submitted upon completion of the informational meeting.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact BPS’s program manager at 504-582-9028.