Backflow Prevention Services, LLC (BPS) assists clients with the development and implementation of their backflow prevention program in accordance with EPA regulations and state policy.

Our strategic approach:

1. Train the client about the terminology within the cross connection control and backflow prevention industry.

2. Assist the client with developing a program (policy and procedures) specific to the individual water system.

3. Assist the client by developing management skills for the program.

4. Provide follow-up assistance.


We offer cross connection control surveying services to commercial, industrial, and municipal clients. Louisiana Revised Statute 40:4.12 requires certain industrial customers to have cross connection surveys performed every five (5) years.  Our surveys target both isolation and containment protection at a facility to identify potential and actual cross connections. Backflow prevention assemblies present at the site are noted and recommendations of appropriate backflow prevention devices are then made for all unprotected cross connections in accordance with the Louisiana Code.