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Our mission is to educate the consumer and client of the dangers of cross connections and the means and methods used to protect the potable water supply.

Backflow Preventions Services, LLC is a consulting company that assists water systems in the development, implementation, and management of cross connection control and backflow prevention programs. In addition, the company provides training for tester certification, tester recertification, and continuing education in the State of Louisiana.

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Our Services


BPS provides backflow preventer tester certification & recertification to Louisiana licensed Plumbers and Irrigation Contractors.


BPS assists water systems with the development, implementation, and management of their backflow prevention programs.

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The recent Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) confirmations of a deadly brain-eating amoeba that has been found in two (2) drinking water systems in Louisiana should be a cause for concern by water system professionals.  While incidents of this nature are very rare, with only 128 cases (according to CDC) reported nationwide since 1962, it […]

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Backflow Prevention Programs: How do I get started?

Water System Managers

The thought of starting a backflow prevention program can be difficult at best and daunting at worst, if the person charged with this responsibility has limited or no experience in the field of backflow prevention. Often times, the program manager may initially have little knowledge of backflow; however, they are the “point man” for water […]

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Drinking Water Safety (Part 1)

Engineers and Water System Managers

This article was originally printed in Louisiana Civil Engineer magazine, May 2011, Volume 19, No. 3. As engineers, we are generally concerned with design and construction issues on our engineered projects, with little feedback on their operations – unless there are problems!  In essence, our project may become a “one and done” event never to […]

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